Hi, my name is Virginia, and i m the founder of Dreazzyhair. I started this journey to presentate one of my passions that the dreadlocks and all his culture around. I do not like to put me in stereotypes, but yes, we could say i like the hippie life style, and go out of the conventionalism life style, more in the underground way as well. And for that and other reasons i love the rasta style. I have periods in this 20 years of having dreadlocks were i felt the needed of a change and i got shave or unmade my own dreadlocks, but after a while i go back to them because is how i really feel more myself ☺️. I have been always interested in a natural healthy life, for that i did some courses of naturopathy and aromatherapy and for some years together with my work of dread maker i have bein massagist. Also in all this time i studied how to make natural cosmetics, thing that i try always that i can to make all my creams, serums, balsams... So with all this mix, i am trying to create this new blog, where i will write about dreads, but also about natural cosmetics and products that would help to the care of our dreads and health in general of our scalp and hair. I hope you enjoy and maybe you learn a bit. And if you have some doubt, question, whatever, just write me. I would love to answer you. Thanks


5/13/20231 min read

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